Medical Computers For Hospitals

In todays information technology age, medical computers are a great asset to hospitals. Our medical grade computers assist in providing medical professionals the ability to offer excellent patient care.

Hospital Computers | Medical Computers

Hospital environments have to be clean and efficient. The medical computers that MD Tronics develop also meet those conditions. Our medical computer systems carry UL60602-1 and EN60601-1 certifications. Computers for hospitals need to be waterproof and dustproof.

In addition, computers for hospitals need to be fast and well connected. Our hospital computers are made to run a variety of medical software applications for complete patient care. Medical professionals can view medical records, manage departments, connect hospital administration, and analyze laboratory / radiology information. These medical computers perform with excellence.

The innovative design of MD Tronics computer systems are modren, sleek and clean. The computer systems are designed to maximumize workspace. They have a unique bevel enclosure, making them very easy to clean without damaging the computer system. A special antimicrobial coating also helps maintain sterile conditions in surgical / operating rooms.

A hospital computer needs to be able to perform a wide range of task. The medical computers have some unique features to each model. These features can include: fingerprint, barcode & RFID scanners. As well as smart card & magnetic strip card readers for controlling access and security. These hospital computers also have Skype VOIP and webcam capability to support telemedicine and collaboration among medical professionals.

MD Tronics computer systems will work throughout a variety of hospital environments: patient rooms, operating rooms, and nurses’ stations. So if you are a Administrator, Department Manager, or Doctor then please feel free to contact us at 1-866-368-7624.



CyberMed MP15T

CyberMed MP15T - Medical Computer

Starting at $1,554

This all-in-one medical computer is a true flat panel design with an IP66-certified waterproof front bezel, and can be easily cleaned, even with alcohol. The unit also has an antibacterial coating that is especially important in sterile environments, and an aluminum housing that is hygienic and reduces noise.

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iOne H5 All-In-One

iOne H5 All-In-One Medical Computer | Medical All In One Touch Screen

Starting at $1,599

An all-in-one, widescreen PC that's perfect for multitasking! Use it as a medical all in one computer. View multiple data sets or use several software applications at one time. The iOne H5 has touch screen functionality. It also has outstanding digital media support for high-def video & 3D graphics.

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Medix Pro-i

Medix Pro-i

Starting at $3,222

Professional medical computer that is extremely powerful and reliable. It is a multifunctional medical PC. Integrated within this computer system is a Bluetooth module, making it able to connect to various medical devices. These devices range from barcode readers, medical tablets and many more.

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